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My Case For Gold

Remember the movie “Independence Day” the scene on Air force one when the cable repair guy that graduated from M.I.T said “O Oh Time’s Up”! After that the aliens set in motion the destruction of the human race. The failure to affirm current stock market high points is also a “time’s up” moment. As the Sunday morning Panduit’s weasel and wheel their distraction from one political mess to another the mother of all catastrophes is about to happen. As Federal Reserve chairman Ben “war bucks Bernanke gives cryptic assessments of the economics of our country the holes in his story are large enough to drive a dump truck through with a hundred marching bands following it. A downward spiral right now in the stock market would spell ruin for anyone invested in the market. As a final gasp at saving the countries financial structure I assume that the Government particularly the senate and house will contrive a way of scamming folks out of their retirement funds to make an attempt at continuing the show. My thought is that our government will soon want to issue treasury bonds or particular securities to replace the depleting interest by foreign countries that have been buying gold with their US dollars and effectively turning worthless paper into hard assets. Don’t be surprised to hear of changes 401K and IRA rules stipulating and specifying a certain percentage of every portfolio be in government treasuries or special securities or else risk, you’ve guessed it, financial penalty. Its coming and anyone invested in these financial structures are going to be sucked in. What about tightening? Ha!...

America in Crisis

For our own safety and security the general population is to abide by laws that both disallow and restrict the possession of fire arms. The restrictions range from the type of weapon to its magazine capacity, all of which were explored in detail by the NAZI’s and exploited to accomplish the deaths of millions. They, the German people, had no reason to be afraid of their government either. They thought it could never happen. They thought they would never participate. They were wrong. See the following.

Going Down With The Ship the Attack on GOLD

Countries one after the next will be forced into the same scenario by the World central bankers and all will be forced to liquidate their true wealth. It is the master plan of the Illuminati to own the entire world’s wealth and that attributes to all material wealth including all real-estate, precious metals, food production, energy and water.

Sustainable Equipment Store Saving Lives

Here is a way to begin go to Search out some basic equipment to build a home solar generator. You will need solar modules, module mounts, batteries, charge controller and a good DC to AC converter to get the power into a form that is useable. You should figure out about how many watt hours of power you will need during a hardship situation. If you have a special place that you will be staying that is protected and permanent I suggest creating

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